mp_Intangible Projection

Intangible Projection (5)

The character can separate his Astral form from his body, leaving behind an unconscious shell.

The projection can pass through hostile environments and physical barriers as if they did not exist, and cannot be harmed by physical entities. The projection can, however, be attacked and harmed normally by other Astral or Spiritual entities.

Corporeal beings may sense a projection but must first make a Notice roll at -4 vs the Projections Spirit.

The projection can make themselves visible and communicate with a corporeal being, this requires a successful Spirit roll.

The projection may also make itself temporarily partially corporeal, and able to effect physical objects, but during which may also be attacked or harmed by physical attacks. This requires a successful Spirit roll at -4, and lasts for at most as many minutes as the Spirit roll (may return to intangibility as a free action). If failed, it may not be attempted for another 1d6 minutes.

When the projection is separated from the body, the body can still be attacked and harmed normally. The projection will know immediately if the body suffers damage (and will suffer penalties for wounds the body suffers, although it can’t be incapacitated by them.)

To reenter the body, the projection must be adjacent to it. If the body is destroyed or killed, the character will remain trapped as a free spirit. Each day as a free spirit, the character loses 1 die step of Spirit. When Spirit falls below d4, the character’s spirit has dissipated and he is dead.


  • Possession (+5): The projection may enter another living being and possess its body. This requires a touch attack, and an opposed Spirit roll.
    • While possessing another, the character retains their own Smarts, Spirit, and skills linked to them, but uses the new body’s Agility Strength, Vigor and skills linked to those.
    • Any Damage suffered by the possessed body does not effect the projection once it leaves.
    • The target makes opposed Spirit checks vs the Projection every minute (if in combat, at the end of each of its turn). If successful the projection is expelled, and cannot possess him again for a number of minutes (or if in combat, rounds) determined by rolling the target’s Spirit die.
    • With each consecutive check, the Target gains +1 on their roll.
    • If the character’s body dies, he may attempt to possess a new body, The target will have 3 opposed Spirit checks to expel the character’s spirit (1 / hour). If they are failed, the character will possess the body until the next time he uses the projection power.
    • If on an opposed Spirit check the projection gets a raise, the target automatically fails its next check.

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mp_Intangible Projection

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