Invent (2 / Level)

Allows an inventor to create one-off devices that duplicate any other power. A character must have a minimum Smarts of d10, a Knowledge (Engineering) of d10, and a Repair skill of d10 to take this power.

The cost of the power duplicated can never be greater than the creator’s level of invent. An inventor who wants to create an invisibility belt, for example, must have invent at level 5 since invisibility is a 5-point power.

The inventor can also make several devices as long as he has the Power Points in invent to pay for them. (A character with invent at level 10 could have two 4-point devices and a third 2-point device.)

The device invented requires 10 minutes times its original cost (a 5-point invisibility belt takes 50 minutes to assemble). Ultra- tech gadgets aren’t really created in a few hours—the inventor is assumed to have been working on his many devices in his spare time, but only puts the design together when needed.

The devices created are permanent, but must be disassembled for “parts” to make a new device (thereby freeing up the Power Points to invent something new).

Devices may be given to other characters, but Trait rolls made to use the device are made at –2 as only the inventor truly understands his jury-rigged creations.

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