mp_X-Ray Vision

X-Ray Vision (4)

X-ray vision allows you to see through 1 foot of brick or stone, 1 inch of metal or composite alloy, and up to 3 feet of wood, plaster, or dirt.

Thicker substances or a thin sheet of lead blocks your vision. X-ray vision has a maximum range of 20 feet and allows you to see as if you were looking at something in normal light, even if there is no illumination.

This power must be activated. This is a free action, but it isn’t the character’s “normal” state (i .e ., his X-ray vision works only when he’s actively engaged it). If taken by surprise, the power has no affect.


  • Obvious (-1): Swirling energy in your eye or bulging veins around your eyes, it is obvious to people looking at you that you are using this power.
  • Stronger (+2): Doubles the amount of materials you can see through.

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mp_X-Ray Vision

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