Setting Specific Rules

Skills and Misc changes

  • The “Guts” skill is removed, and instead replaced with a Spirit Check.
  • Knowledge skills are purchased at half cost
  • Critical failure occurs when both the Trait die and Wild die roll a 1, instead of either one

New Edges

New Hindrances

Mutant Heroes

The Vaults were created to protect everyone inside from the deadly radiation of a nuclear war…except for Vault 19. Vault-Tec and Enclave scientists created the walls of the children’s wing of the vault to let in nuclear radiation of a specific frequency.

That radiation, combined with a very diluted airborne variant of the Forced Evolutionary Virus, was theorized to trigger mutations in children in the hopes of granting them special powers. The children would then be physically and mentally conditioned, and given only very patriotic material in order to create a breed of brainwashed super-soldiers under the command of The Enclave.

  • Each character starts with the edge “Arcane Background (Mutant Super Powers)” for free
  • Each character has 10 power points with which to buy powers
  • Mutant Super Powers work “at will” and require no roll unless specifically stated
  • Available powers, and their cost, are listed Here
  • More power points can be gained with the Power Points edge (grants 5 extra power points, can only be taken once per Rank, cannot be taken at first level.)
  • A character may take an additional Major Hindrance to grant an extra 5 Power Points during character creation.

Not all mutations are beneficial, however.

  • Mutant Defects
  • A character may take a random defect in exchange for 2 power points.


Radiation is a constant threat in the Wasteland. It can be found in toxic pools, given off by improperly shielded technology, in areas hit heavily by nuclear explosions, its even in tainted food and water. It can cause sickness, death, or even trigger horrible mutations.

Drug Use

Other Races


Setting Specific Rules

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