Vault 19

The home vault of the starting characters:

The Vaults were created to protect everyone inside from the deadly radiation of a nuclear war…except for Vault 19. Vault-Tec and Enclave scientists created the walls of the children’s wing of the vault to let in nuclear radiation of a specific frequency.

That radiation, combined with a very diluted airborne variant of the Forced Evolutionary Virus, was theorized to trigger mutations in children in the hopes of granting them special powers. The children would then be physically and mentally conditioned, and given only very patriotic material in order to create a breed of brainwashed super-soldiers under the command of The Enclave. See: Setting Rules

These changes have mostly just started manifesting in the current generation. However, some of the older dwellers in the vault have increased physical attributes bordering on super-human (such as the Chief of Security), but mostly the older generations only power is a high rate of cancer.

  • There are no films or books (other then text books and the bible) and there is only 1 music player (in the drug store.)
  • However, there is a huge library of comic books, all super hero comics with a very patriotic bent
  • The children all live in a barracks in their own wing of the vault.
  • Young Children live in a nursery until 5 years old.
  • after 18 years old they are expected to be married off and move into their own quarters.
  • Students have several classes during the day, some classes use comic books as text books (social studies, reading classes, etc), all emphasize how great American life was.
  • Children go through physical training and martial arts classes, and comic books are used for fighting manuals, tactic books, etc.

Vault 19

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